Daughter/Son of Aphrodite© 

1 Year Online Training Course with Maya Vassallo



The content for this one year journey with Aphrodite will be shared with you via Emails and individual Skype Lessons and is available to anyone in the world whom wishes to walk the Sacred Mystery Path of Aphrodite, and explore Aphroditic Tradition, discovering it's connection with Avalonian Tradition.

The learning materials will be presented in English and Italian.

The Daughter/Son Of Aphrodite training covers:

  • Aphrodite the Crone and Samhain
  • Aphrodite of the Air and Yule
  • Aphrodite the Maiden and Imbolc
  • Aphrodite of Fire and Ostara
  • Aphrodite the Lover and Beltane
  • Aphrodite of Water and Litha
  • Aphrodite the Mother and Lammas
  • Aphrodite of Earth and Mabon
  • Aphrodite of the Center
  • Aphrodite and all Her Names, Sacred Creatures, Plants, Archetypes, Reigns
  • Aphrodite as Goddess of Sacred Sexuality
  • Afroditic and Avalonian Tradition - Aphrodite and Morgana

The Teaching Modules are 9 and each one focuses on the 8 Archetypes of Aphrodite on the Wheel and at the end, on Aphrodite of the Center. Exploring the Aphroditic Tradition and it's connection with Avalonian Tradition.

After this One Year Individual Training, you will receive a certificate as

***Daughter/Son of Aphrodite***

The Daughter/Son Of Aphrodite training includes:

  • The teaching materials, covering the 9 Training modules
  • Exercises and Sacred Practices of the Aphroditic Tradition
  • Meditations, Prayers and Videos to connect with Her Mysteries
  • 9 Individual Lessons and Mentoring Sessions via Skype

Every modules Individual Lessons and Mentoring Session is decided together with Maya Vassallo, according to your needs and will be via Skype.