One Year Training: Daughter/Son of Aphrodite©

The Daughter/Son Of Aphrodite training includes:

  • The teaching materials, covering the 9 Training modules

  • Exercises and Sacred Practices of the Aphroditic Tradition

  • Meditations, Prayers and Videos to connect with Her Mysteries

  • 9 Individual Lessons and Mentoring Sessions via Skype

Every individual Lesson and Mentoring Session is decided together with Maya Vassallo, according to each persons needs and will be via Skype.

The Teaching Modules are 9 and each one focuses on the 8 Archetypes of Aphrodite on the Wheel and, at the end, on Aphrodite of the Center. Exploring the Aphroditic Tradition and it's connection with Avalonian Tradition.

After this One Year Individual Training, you will receive a certificate as “Daughter/Son of Aphrodite”.

The FULL Price for this 1 year Training is: 800 euros

To Begin your application process please fill out our registration form:

On this Application you are invited to write Maya about yourself and share why you want to study Aphrodite's Mystery Path with her and take the 1 Year Online Training Course "Daughter/Son of Aphrodite".

After Maya Receives your Registration, including your message detailing why you want to take the course Maya will get back to you for the final steps to confirm your Application:

  1. Schedule your phone interview with Maya

  2. Send you non refundable deposit of 150Euros via PayPal to:

  3. Choose your payment option and follow thru (options listed below)

If you have further questions regarding the course please email us at:

The deadline to apply and send in your deposit is ‪the 1st of October 2019‬.

We offer these payment options:

  • FULL PAYMENT IN ADVANCE: 800Euros to be sent by PayPal to: by ‪the 1st of October 2019‬ (the 150E deposit is included)

  • By installments: to be paid as follows

    • Deposit: 150Euros paid by October 1st or sooner

    • First installment: 70Euros by ‪the 1st of November 2019

    • Second installment: 220Euros by ‪the 1st of January 2020‬

    • Third installment: 220Euros by ‪the 1st of march 2020

    • Fourth and last installment: 220Euros by ‪the 1st of May 2020

Please indicate on your Registration Form how you choose to pay for the course. Thank you!

**PLEASE NOTE:  Daughter of Aphrodite© is  an online course and it’s not the same thing as attending the Three Waves (Years) Training to become Priestesses and Priests of the Sea and of Aphrodite, which requires you to work intensively in person and in Circle with the other Trainees, in which you would need to travel to Rome  3 times a year during the 3 year Training. Learn More