Maya Vassallo

8 Day Online Course

“Aphrodite Mystic Rose”©

Special Promo Price of

55 Euros

This 8 day Mystic Rose Course is a wonderful starting point for anyone wising to walk the sacred mystery path of Aphrodite.

Its a nourishing and pleasurable 8 Day journey into working with Aphrodite as Muse and Guide.

Online Course INCLUDES:

  • 8 Mystical Rose Rituals, one for each day

  • 8 Guided Audio Meditations By Maya Vassallo

  • 1 discounted skype session with Maya

  • Breath of Fire Video Instructions

  • Invitation to share and participate in our FB group “Aphrodite Mystic Rose Group”

  • 10% Discount towards our other Courses

Value is 111 Euros

Currently being offered

at our Special Promo Price of

55 Euros

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