in Rome Italy

"Tempio della Grande Dea – Roma"

The Temple of the Great Goddess is dedicated to Aphrodite, Great Goddess of the Sea, Love and Sacred Sexuality.


As a community of the Goddess we are particularly devoted to the Goddess that is Sea and Love together, She is the energy that moves the world.
Our purpose is to contribute building the MotherWorld as theorized by Kathy Jones, and to offer a structured training and teachings in all the ares of spirituality, especially those concerning the Divine Feminine.

Today the Goddess is returning to our consciousness. Communities and Temples of the Goddess are raising again in Her world, allowing again the people to meet all together, recognize the Goddess, celebrating Her, creating again Her Sacred Spaces and experiencing Her marvelous, loving nature.

The first temple of the Goddess in Italy, significantly in Rome, opened after more than 2000 years from the destruction of all its temples!

We wanted to create a welcoming and loving Sacred Space, permeated with the presence of the Sacred Feminine and make it available to anyone who wants to meditate, pray, dance, find peace of heart, recharge and be in the presence of the Goddess.

The temple is also a spiritual center for research, anthropological and mythological offering of spiritual training courses and academic aimed at re-member the Goddess, "HER" worship, its rituals and its spiritual traditions of ancient and re-actualized, promoting the creation of a community inspired to gilanici values, the Matriarchy, and partnership.

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LEARN MORE ON OUR WEBSITE: http://www.tempiodellagrandedea.com/

The Temple is located in: Via Val di Lanzo 147/149 - Rome, the nearest station is Metro B1 Conca d'Oro - Ionian (Montesacro)

We are open to the public every: Monday and Wednesday from 10:00 to 14:00, Thanks to the service of "HER" wonderful Melisse.

May the Aphrodite love flow like the waves of the sea and explode like a volcano in the hearts of all of us who hear her call!
Be welcome and welcome to the Temple of the Great Goddess!

The Temple of the Great Goddess offers the sacred three year Training “Priestess of the Sea – Priestess of Aphrodite” for women and men who feel the calling of the Goddess in their hearts and those who incarnate the sensuous energy of the Great Goddess of the Sea, Love and Sacred Sexuality. Every year is structured in eight workshops (three in person + five by correspondence) and they are based on experiencing Aphrodite and on spiritual, mythological and anthropological research.

Make love with yourself, make love with who you love, make love with life like the waves make love with the land by the seashore!


Our community is founded on the values inspired by Aphrodite, the Great Goddess of Love, the Beauty of the Sea and Sacred Sexuality.

In a suffering society like ours, where prevail violent attitudes of abuse of power, control, domination and coercion, where encouraging competition, greed, separation, inequality, conflict and judgment, which are widely spread negative emotions such as anger , jealousy, envy, fear, insecurity and revenge, and where the irresponsible and greedy exploitation of Mother Earth's resources is destroying, polluting and altering the natural order, we feel a strong need to recover more authentic values, we feel the urgent need to to work together to co-create a new reality and manifest change, starting from our lives.

For this we do carry the Aphroditici values, inspired also to the vision of Kathy Jones Mother World to live and experience a diverse, gylanic, more balanced and healthy, where all of us are valued, supported and appreciated in order together to experience new ideas and forms, safe in the embrace of the Great Goddess.


The Aphroditici values Are:

  • Honoring Mother Earth as a living being, healing and preserving its spaces and its creatures, as his / her Sacred / yard and / and.

  • Promote mutual love, nurturing, kindness, generosity, support, respect, care and compassion.

  • Honoring motherhood in all its forms, honoring fathers, celebrate and nurture the sons and daughters, honoring the elderly and enhance their wisdom, as Keepers of Memory and community guides.

  • Promote honesty, loyalty, personal integrity, authenticity, self-responsibility.

  • Encourage relations, diversity, choice, discernment, self-realization.

  • Promote inclusion, belonging, understanding, confidence, beauty, creativity, freedom and naturalness.

  • Promoting the expression of emotions, listening, respect if stess * and others.

  • To promote reflection, soul development, enhancement, awareness and intuition.

  • Encourage the shadow of patriarchal wounds healing and the pursuit of wisdom, security itself stess *, self-discipline and self-reflection,

  • Spreading a sacred approach to sexuality and life in general, encouraging prayer and service.

  • Promote the connection, partnership and sharing of prosperity and gift.

  • Celebrating the life and times of passage.

  • Valuing Art and Creativity in all its forms.

  • Encourage non-violent communication, openness and balance in giving and receiving, joy, humor, education for all.

  • Promote ethical production of goods and services,

  • protect those who are vulnerable,

  • Honoring the Ancestors.

  • Encourage healing practices and make them available to all.

  • Promoting a male and a female healthier, complete and balanced.


The Temple of the Great Goddess was born from the desire to re-member the Goddess, serve and honor her is by facilitating the growth and spiritual evolution of every man * who while serving the community. Our intention is to create a network of cooperation based on the principles of matriarchy and help create Mother World by Kathy Jones , founder of the Glastonbury Goddess Temple and Priestess of Avalon, where this temple is inspired.

The temple is dedicated to Aphrodite, the Great Goddess of the Sea and Love Sacred and is to serve the community as a wonderful, welcoming and loving space made available to anyone who wants to meditate, to find peace of heart, pray, dance, recharge and stay in the presence Dea.

We organize courses of spiritual formation, growth activities, and spiritual wellbeing, anthropological, archeomitologica, philosophical; Also we organize workshops, conferences, retreats, trips and sacred natural sites and many activities related to the spiritual path of the Divine Feminine. Read more dedicated pages dedicated Training and Events .

The activities of the Temple are held mainly in Rome (where Aphrodite was the goddess worshiped) and the Amalfi Coast (Land of the Sirens and the volcano Vesuvius); They can, however, be organized trips to natural and sacred places to the Goddess throughout Italy.

As the Goddess community living nowadays, we are especially devoted to the Goddess that is Sea and Love together, as the energy that moves the world!